• Adults

    I provide individual counseling to adults who may suffer from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, work stress, insomnia or sleep problem, interpersonal issues, psychosomatic illness, grief and bereavement, personality and character issues, and substance abuse, etc.

  • Couples

    I provide counseling to couples who suffer from communication deadlocks and difficulties, extra marital affairs, separation and divorce, parenting issues, family cycle adjustments, etc.

  • Families

    I provide counseling to families who undergo a variety of issues including life cycle adjustments, family dysfunctions, communication and emotional problems, coping with sickness of family members, coping with crisis, etc.

  • Elderly

    I provide services such as counseling for the elderly and education and support for the carers.

  • Groups and The Public

    I offer tailor-made talks and workshops on topics like stress and anger management, emotional well-being, couple and family communication, nurturing the youth, grief and bereavement, life and death education, love and intimacy, and parenting, etc.